FZJ INSTRUMENTS DB’s Documentation

About the project

The European Research Infrastructure IAGOS responds to the increasing demand for long-term
in-situ observations of greenhouse gases, reactive trace gases, and aerosols, by establishing a
monitoring infrastructure based on the use of commercial passenger aircraft as measurement
platforms. IAGOS provides long-term, frequent, regular, accurate, and spatially resolved in-situ
observations of atmospheric chemical composition in the upper troposphere and lower
stratosphere on a global scale.
The FZJ INSTRUMENTS DB was developed to manage the data. This data includes all information
about the components, the calibrations, the deployments, and the time series. For the
implementation, the framework Django is used. Django is an open-source high-level Python Web
framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
The FZJ INSTRUMENTS DB implements the Django REST framework, which is a powerful and
flexible toolkit for building Web APIs. REST API can be used by any site or application no
matter what language it is written in because the requests are based on the universal HTTP
protocol, and the information is usually returned in the JSON format that almost all of the
programming languages can read. So the data can access easily via HTTP.

Presentation: workflow.pptx


The software is maintained by the IAGOS Group at the Institute for Energy and Climate Research - Troposphere (IEK 8) at Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany.


This software is under development and opened here primarily to allow a user to contribute, test, and bring in their ideas. At this point, the software is not fit for operational use and we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that could be caused by this software.

System architecture

  • Nginx: Nginx is a web server

  • JuypterHub: JupyterHub allows serving Jupyter notebook for multiple users

  • Django-App: Django application that allows user interaction and provides a REST-API

  • Workflow: Runs the jobs in the background and handles the import and export